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Headquarters Slovenia
Globtel Holding d.o.o.
Panonska ulica 30

2000 Maribor · Slovenia


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GLOBTEL holding is a privately held EU-based company with 13 years of experience in telecommunications and RF. Its focus is on research, development and production of advanced wireless communication solutions, already successfully implemented in energetic, security and telecommunication sectors. All experience gathers in GLOBTEL holding’s core business, a WIRELESS TRIPLE-PLAY SOLUTION, called AIR.


The Globtel team started to develop the AIR wireless access network in 2003 in the research and development department of AMIS - largest Slovenian alternative telecom operator.

The AIR system is fully operational since early 2004 and its first functional deployment in Slovenia exists since April 2005

In 2005, Globtel was founded as a separate company with the business objective to further develop and to market the AIR system

Globtel is backed by private Slovenian investment capital

Globtel employee structure:

70% work in research and development and have, on average, over 15 years of experience

30% work in sales, marketing and in other functions

Globtel co-operates with over 100 external specialists



Globtel production ensures effective quality control at every step of the production process. Technology is the product of our own knowledge and is designed in the latest high-tech manufacturing environment. At each step of the production process is carried out a strict quality control. In this way, we ensure flawless operation of the equipment with minimum interference in the system and low costs.European qualityThe highest recognized standards: IEC EMC ceftified, IEC CB certified, CE.X Air triple play network system is the result of years of research and development in the field of telecommunications. Engineers have developed a system based on their experience and have created a unique and effective solution that provides access to the Internet, television and telephony in a way that it was not known.X Air is the first wireless system thath provides the same capabilities as the cable system. Air is a patented wireless technology for ultra-high speed broadband data transfer over great distances with the throughput and performance equalling that of the cable network. Air Last Mile is a wireless infrastructure with the sole technology worldwide that can completley replace any wired connection.X                       

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